Activate McAfee & Protect your PC against threats

McAfee total protect against Antivirus,internet security,WIFI security,VPN, safe web browsing, encrypted storage, performance optimization,a password manager, online support, and home network security.With single subscription you can install and Activate McAfee on desktop,tablets,laptop and Phones.

McAfee is easy to install, use and to configure and easy to update.Some of the best features are fast virus scanning,detects threats and quarantine them immediately,protect against web injections,web scan security and more frequent updates detect the new virus and malware threats.Real time scanning of files and folders without slowing down the system performance is very good. Every external device get scanned before allowing the device to be used.

The Most important features now days required is to protect against Ransomware attacks. McAfee is very good with detection,protecting and alerting the users with kind of attack, where data gets encrypted by ransomware.
Phishing protections another important feature required, as now days,a email which is sent from known source and try to open Malicious links.McAfee scan those kind of emails and links,alerts and quarantine them.

If you have any trial version or old version of McAfee, the new version will check the current product on the system, will uninstall and starts the fresh installation.

Which method of installation would like to choose and Activate McAfee?

McAfee provides Web installation, CD drive installation or Media installation.Recommended Method of installation is Web Installation,where system does not have CD ROM Drive and have good internet speed. Open the McAfee download page mentioned in your confirmation email and start downloading the package and start the need to register or already have account with McAfee login. Select your country and type your activation or product key.

NOTE: You can use your product key only one time to register. if you get error in registration, then check if the key already in use If you have previously used the key, you cannot continue with the installation.

Activate McAfee

Activate or deactivate the encryption keys

  • Click Menu ? Data Protection ? FRP keys.
  • Select the keys to activate, then click Actions | Activate Keys.
  • To deactivate keys, select the keys, click Actions | Deactivate Keys, then click OK.

If you cannot register your product, contact McAfee Customer Service using chat or phone.

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