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How to choose the right LED Bulb & Save Money?

Parameters for Choosing right LED Bulb There are different factors to consider when choosing a suitable LED replacement bulb Basic Technical Parameters: Lumen (Lighting Intensity) Watt (Power Consumption) Correlated Color Temperature (Light color) Color Rendering Index (CRI) Beam angle (Spread of light) Efficiency (Lumen / Watt) Power Factor Other Parameters choosing right LED Bulb Instant

How to Troubleshoot – Iphone

How to clear Memory in Iphone? Some of the Problems occurs due to Memory problems in iPhone are Iphone hangs frequently, iphone resets,iPhone touch screen not working,iPhone hang on apple logo. If your phone has above mention problem, Follow the steps mention in this video,  

PTE Academic Exam Preparation Material – Download Now!

Preparing for PTE Academic Exam, you are at the right site, the materials mention in this post helps you to score high in the exam. A guide that helps in preparation methods, how to manage each section within the time limit, Also some of the techniques to adapt to make it easier and simpler. Key

LCD screen replacement -Do it Yourself

You are at the right website, who wants to know how to Repair your LCD Monitor? Here are the  four Common problems of LCD Monitor, help you resolve these problems. LCD screen replacement : When LCD Broke by a physical damage, you just take the laptop to Computer repair service center and pays exorbitant charges

Small Appliance Repair – Do it Yourself

What is Small Appliance? A small appliance is a portable or semi-portable devices or machines, usually used on counter-tops, table-tops or other platforms, to accomplish different household task. Such as, coffee makers, toasters, microwave ovens etc. They differ from major appliances (also known as “White Goods), such as, washing machine and refrigerator, which can’t be