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You are at the right website, who wants to know how to Repair your LCD Monitor? Here are the four Common problems of LCD Monitor, help you resolve these problems and show you How to do LCD Screen replacement by yourself.

LCD screen replacement_DIY

LCD screen replacement :

When LCD Broke by a physical damage, you just take the laptop to Computer repair service center and pays exorbitant charges to repair the laptop. You can save these charges if you are intend to learn to DIY from the LCD Monitor guide. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to repair your laptop’s LCD screen yourself. The cracked LCD doesn’t always mean a dysfunctional one, and being able to retrieve it means an obvious saving in hard cash. Remember that you have nothing at all to lose by attempting a repair job on your damaged LCD monitor – after all, if you intend to throw it out anyway, it can only be a saving to you if you manage to salvage it and make it work after all. Remember that a repair job can easily save you a couple of hundred dollars. Get a set of repair tools and you buy the Cheap LCD Screens online.

LCD Monitor Display Dim / LCD Monitor Flicker image screen / Screen Strange Lines

An LCD monitor tends to malfunction, like Dimmer display, Flicker image, strange lines running across it.Any or all of these things mean a bad capacitor that needs replacement. Replacing it is a simple matter, but you’ll need a soldering iron. Try to locate whether the faulty capacitor is on the power board or on the video board. The top an undamaged capacitor will be flat, whereas the top of a damaged capacitor will bulge upwards. These are just the sort of things you need to know to be successful at LCD monitor repair.

LCD Monitor with Dark spot on Screen :

An LCD Monitor with Little bright or dark spot on the screen, you may try to fix by rebooting the laptop or cleaning the screen thinking something marked on screen. After much hard thoughts applying, you feel that it should be some hardware problem and screen should be replaced. But from our Guides, will be able to fix this issue by yourself, without going to any Computer repair center. The dark sport or little bright is due to faulty pixel, this can be troubleshoot by using special software JScreenFix, If this does not help in fixing next will be Application of Pressure. Place a soft cloth on the screen directly over the pixel while your laptop is powered down. Then apply pressure through this soft cloth to the area of the screen containing the faulty pixel. Use a pointed object, but press down through the cloth. Try to press down upon the damaged pixel itself, and, while pressing down on the damaged pixel, boot up the computer. This will often solve the problem with the damaged pixel.

Your laptop may flicker or grow dim, and it’s quite possible that the bulb that lights the screen is failing. Yes, it can be something as simple as that. The greater number of LCD screens are lit by what is known as a cold cathode. This bulb draws its power from an inverter. You can save a considerable amount of money by replacing this piece of equipment yourself. The first thing to do is to disconnect the monitor and dismantle its back panel. This includes the shielding, of course. Once this is done, the inner circuitry will be laid bare. You’ll find that the bulb has a shield around it, which you also have to remove. Remember to do this in a well-ventilated area, as there can sometimes be poisonous fumes inside the case. Now simply replace the bulb and re-assemble the device and you’re good to go.

if  the screen is damaged heavily and think cannot be repair then look for buy back offers with Cheap LCD Monitors offers like this one .

LCD Monitor Repair Guide eBook :

Get this book and you will not make any errors. Go to websites,forums and YouTube, see what people are saying about the problem you’re having, and how to set it right. You’d be surprised at the amount of information available. There are not complete detailed videos and pages of tutorials.if you find all the information covering to the problem of LCD Monitors and contained in a good book LCD monitor repair, will become very easy, you’ll have a very clear picture in your mind about what you have to do. Then the chances are that not only will you not make any errors, when you are about to repair your LCD monitor and will fix the problem of LCD monitor successfully.

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