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What is Small Appliance?

Small Appliance Repair

A small appliance is a portable or semi-portable devices or machines, usually used on counter-tops, table-tops or other platforms, to accomplish different household task. Such as, coffee makers, toasters, microwave ovens etc. They differ from major appliances (also known as “White Goods), such as, washing machine and refrigerator, which can’t be easily moved and usually placed in specific space on the floor.

The small appliances also differ from the consumer electronics (also known as “Brown Goods”) such as, Television set, CD and DVD player etc, generally which are used for entertainment and leisure rather than purely practical tasks.

Some Common Small Appliances:

There are different kinds of small appliances which we used in our daily life to accomplish different household task.

Some small appliances we commonly used in our kitchen are – Food mixers, Food processors, Food slicer, Cooking appliances, Electric knife, Blender, Coffee grinder, Coffee maker, Ice-cream maker, Ice maker, Juicer or Juice extractor, Mechanical clock, Microwave oven, Cordless vacuum cleaner, Electric can opener, Electric clock, Electric iron, Waffle iron, Air purifier, Vacuum cleaner, Trash compactor, Toaster, Toaster oven, Steamer, Espresso maker, Garbage disposer, Heating pad, Hot plate, Humidifier, Popcorn popper, Rotisseries, Slow cookers, and Battery recharger etc.

Small Appliance Repair – DIY

All the small appliances may be broken or partly damaged in different ways. Then it needs to be repair. So, you need to contact with small appliances repair service provider or repair shop. In this time, you may count several amount of money to repair them. But, if you have knowledge about the small appliance repair, you can save a lot of money. Because, in this time you do not need to over paying to the repair shop to replace a part, such as the front panel of a microwave oven and you do not need to purchase a new appliances to replace older one which may only need to be lubricated or cleaned.

You can used most common household tools to repair your small appliances such as a screwdriver is useful to remove or tight a tiny screw of your small appliances. Through the small appliances tools you can repairs the simple damage of the appliances and save lots of money.


1. Identify the model and manufacturer of the broken appliance.

2. Check out the paperwork or manual that came with the appliance. Then look at the troubleshooting section of the user manual or booklet, if there has any such kind of section. The booklet or manual information may be helpful for you to identify the malfunctioning or broken part.

3. Now, search the manufacturer’s website and print or download the repair manual. Most of the time repair manuals are available as a PDF format. If in the manufacturer website does not available any repair manual, then conduct an Internet search through Google or other search engine for “appliance repair manuals” and look for which one you need.

4. Take the time and read the manual properly and refer to the schematic diagram until you accurately understand what you have to do. Still, if you are not sure what to do after reading the schematic diagram, then go to a small appliance forum and post your question. There are many small appliance forums in the internet. Usually, these forums are very helpful most of the time.

5. Learn about the necessary safety precautions you need for your particular situation, such as working with electronic device may cause accident due to short circuit. So, at first you should ensure self-safety.

6. If you prefer classroom instruction and hands on practice you can attend a class where teach small appliance repair. Some school and colleges offer small appliance repair course as a part of their day or night school program. Some websites such as the different educational portal can be helpful to you for home study.

Small Appliances Repair Tools:

The tools which used for the repair of different small appliances are called small appliances repair tools. Some tools are required for diagnosis the problems; some tools are specialized for maintaining the appliances and some are essential for repair.

Some important small appliances repair tools are —

Screw Driver: A screwdriver is a manual or powered tool used for turning (removing or driving) screws. Typically, a screwdriver has a handle, a shaft and a tip. You should insert the tip into the screw head to turn it. Screw is present in about all kind of small appliances. Through the screw driver you kind solve many screw related problems found in small appliances

  • Nut Driver: Used to tight and loose the nut.Nut driver used for small appliance repair such as Trash Compactor Repair,electrical appliance repair,r,Gas oven dryer repair repair,and much more..

External Snap-Ring Pilers: Used to manage external snap-ring. Interchangeable angled tips (80°, 45°, 15° and 0°).  Tool can be used for Food waste disposal,Window Air conditioners, Ice & Water Dispensers and much more.

Hose Clamp Pliers : Used for installation and removal of spring tension hose clamps on small appliances drain and fill hoses.

Maintenance Tools: There are different kinds of small appliances maintenance tools such as cleaners and paints etc. Through these tools you can properly maintain your small appliances.

  • Wrench: Used for installing and removing tube retainer nut.
  • AC Voltage Detector Pan: AC Voltage Detector Pan is used to check the presence of AC current at different locations of the appliances. It is important tools for all kind of electrical small appliances. This pen can quickly assures you that no voltage is present in the appliances when you repairing it. So, you can avoid accident and costly trips to the hospital for electrocution.
  • Multi Meter (Combination of Volt meter, Ohm Meter and Amp meter): Multi Meter is a measuring tools used for only electric small appliances. A Multi Meter is combination of Volt meter, Ohm meter and Amp meter. An Amp meter measures current, an Ohm meter measures resistance and a Volt meter measures the voltage.


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